The National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Today

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THE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates today its 80th Anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom by Abdul-Aziz bin Saud in 1932. It is the world's leading exporter of oil, which accounts for 90% of its export earnings and 75% of government revenues. The country has the world's largest oil reserves.

Relations between the Philippines and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have remained strong. The two countries share common interests in international and multilateral organizations and have stood on the same side on many issues in the United Nations and other international forums.

Saudi Arabia is the second biggest employer of Filipinos, the second home of around 1.4 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). The government of Saudi Arabia provides scholarship grants to Muslim students of Mindanao. It gives financial assistance for the construction of schools and Islamic centers all over the country and provides support for Filipino pilgrims to Hajj and Umrah. Mosques, orphanages, and medical clinics for the poor have been established through public and private sector groups in the Kingdom. …