Smartphone and Tablet Penetration Is Rising Dramatically in the Philippines

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - Based on Filipino consumers' expressed interest, smartphone penetration is expected to surge from 29% to 35% in the country by the end of the year while that of tablets will rise from 6% to 13%, the fastest in Southeast Asia, according to a study made by Ericsson.

However, with regards to applications, the Philippines lags behind other markets in terms of app usage although the frequency of use is expected to increase in line with smartphone ownership and mobile data usage in the future, according to Afrizal Abdul Rahim, Head of Ericsson ConsumerLab South East Asia & Oceania.

The most popular mobile applications among Filipinos are those related to gaming, followed by TV/video and entertainment, he pointed out, unlike developed economies which favored communications and banking/finance.

Furthermore, "We also foresee that mobile consumers will likely show great interest in apps related to shopping, followed by weather tracking, video, and TV shows ."

Filipinos placed high importance in keeping track of local weather conditions, perhaps because of the country's annual monsoon season, the official pointed out.

These indicators of future interest can provide insight to local mobile operators, as well as to the entertainment industry.

"Internet surfing, access to latest features, and gaming are key drivers for tablet purchases, whereas the key motivating factors for smartphone users are to upgrade devices, gain Internet connectivity and mobility," he elaborated. …