Nanny Firm Owner Sees Alice, Not Mary Poppins, as Your Best Bet -BYLN- by Anna Marie Kukec Daily Herald Business Writer Akukec@dailyherald.Com

Article excerpt

Erin Krex isn't Mary Poppins. And neither are the hundreds of other nannies that she helps train or place in jobs around the suburbs.

Krex, a board member of the International Nanny Association, is president of The Northbrook-based firm is sponsoring the local educational portion of National Nanny Training Day on April 20. The national event helps to train about 2,000 nannies in 40 cities. The local event in Glenview likely will have about 200, Krex said.

"Everybody would love a Mary Poppins, but I just tell people they probably want Alice from the Brady Bunch, someone who can do more than just take care of the kids," Krex said.

Mary Poppins just doesn't exist, but plenty of nannies can do a great job, she said. After all, she found out the hard way.

Soon after her son was born, she and her husband searched for a nanny. They hired someone from a local agency. But the woman didn't have a driver's license, and worse, nearly burned the house down when she left the stove burners on. …