Lulu 'DON'T BOTHER TO CHAT ME UP - I'M NOT INTERESTED' the Scottish Singer, 64, on How She's Happy in Her Own Company, Hanging with 60s Music Legends, Loving Getting Up Close to Becks and Gary Barlow, but Not Necessarily Brendan Cole

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Byline: Words: Danny Scott.

When John and I had our son Jordan in 1977, I felt ready for motherhood.

Jordan is now a father. Yes, I'm a grandmother and I love it! I love getting stuck in I'm a very hands-on granny. Would I want my granddaughter to go into showbiz? I think I'd put up a bit of a fight against it. It's a rough, tough, ruthless business.

Me and Sidney Poitier filming To Sir, With Love in 1967.

He was so tall and handsome. The film was a huge hit and my single [also called To Sir, With Love] topped the charts. I never wanted to be famous. All I wanted to do was sing. But Shout became a hit when I was only 15 and overnight my life changed forever.

They won't mind me saying this, but when I met Gary Barlow and the lads from Take That in 1993, I didn't think it would work.

They were just little boys, and I was old enough to be their mother. Anyway, we recorded Relight My Fire and the rest is history. That second burst of fame was incredibly satisfying for me.

Look at us - cool and uncool.

I had my own TV series in 1969 and, somehow we managed to get Jimi Hendrix. On stage, he was dynamite, but he was such a sweet man. I probably first met him in a club. All the guys used to hang out Hendrix, the Animals, Eric Clapton, the Beatles. I used to finish recording and think, 'I can either go home and have a quiet night in or hang out with the most famous rock stars on the planet'. What would you do?

Looking back, Maurice Gibb and I were too young to marry.

We met on the set of Top Of The Pops in 1969. …