CRANNOG IS HISTORY; Ancient Site Excavated. & Will Now Make Way for Road

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AN ancient settlement discovered under the path of a controversial new road will be concreted over this week after archaeologists completed a race-against-time excavation.

As the final samples were taken from the 1,400-year-old Drumclay Crannog in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, experts who oversaw the dig on the man-made wooden island have hailed it as one of the most incredible finds in Ireland.

m said: "I think it r to say this ly the f my ical Excavation director Dr Nora Bermingham said: "I think it would be fair to say this is probably the pinnacle of my archaeological career.

I y "And I would say everybody here knows they are working on an incredible excavation that we probably won't see the like of again.

n e hat bly he like "It's just amazing the material we are finding." amazing l DISCOVERY J Nora " Such expert assessment is part of the reason the decision to proceed with the road has been met with vocal local opposition.

For 10 months archaeologists worked nearly non-stop to peel back century upon century of perfectly preserved remains from the wetland site while the A32 road project was halted.

More than 4,000 artefacts including a medieval board game, a gold ring, finely decorated metal dress pins, leather shoes and drinking vessels were uncovered inside the flattened wooden homes.

Even a 600-year-old human body was found. The plan is that most items will eventually go on public display in Enniskillen once they are studied further and treated with special preservatives.

But after a series of extensions to allow further exploration, the site itself is being reburied - this time under the Cherrymount link road. …