BRIAN MCIVER; the TV Man Who's Seen It All; under Water, on Land and High in the Sky, the Cameras in BBC's Hebrides: Islands on the Edge Portrayed Scotland's Rugged Beauty like We've Never Seen Before

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We spend so much time enjoying the delights of documentaries and wildlife from around the world, we forget to heed the (paraphrased) words of the Scottish bard himself – Scotland is awesome.

The wildlife and scenery are among the most amazing on Earth, and the new documentary series Hebrides: Islands On The Edge from the Beeb has had a sensational start.

When you have so much genuinely breathtaking natural marvels on display in your own back yard, it seems mad that most of us don't take the chance to enjoy it.

Of course, they aren't called the OUTER Hebrides for nothing. And for all its amazing beauty and rich diversity, it's not the easiest or cheapest place in the world to get to.

But it's always worth the effort, and even if you don't get as exploratory as Monday night's new series, there are plenty of delights to enjoy.

Until then, though, we have the charming Ewan McGregor to narrate us around the hidden delights of the islands.

Under water, on land and high in the sky, the cameras portrayed Scotland's rugged beauty like never before with amazing species of animals and plant life. It was beautiful, moving and thrilling.

While I'm not quite packing the bags and heading for the isles just yet, the Hebrides just got added to my must–visit list. …