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IT REALLY didn't surprise me when Wolves sacked yet another manager in Dean Saunders on Tuesday morning, three days after they completed their plunge from the Premier League to League One in consecutive seasons.

And although fans will no doubt worry about who takes over as manager, sorry head coach, none of that will matter a jot unless the entire culture of the football club changes.

By that, I don't mean the style of play, I mean the whole way in which the club is run. I'm looking for a reason as to why the entire operation has under-performed for more than a decade.

Blaming the players is the easiest thing, but that's like blaming the pupils when a school's exam results aren't as good as expected. To continue the analogy of a failing school, you have to ask whether the headmaster is the problem? And in the case of Wolverhampton Wanderers, who is in charge and sets the tone and culture that runs throughout the club? You have to ask who has been recruiting players, sorting out contracts, implementing the policies that dictate how the club interfaces with all of its various stakeholders? Who has put in place a scenario which has seen what should be one of the biggest clubs in the country end up in its present mess? To my mind, the one common factor over the past 13 years is chief executive Jez Moxey.

Originally put in place by Sir Jack Hayward, who was rarely in the country, and now with owner Steve Morgan not really involved on a full-time hands-on basis, that role has fallen to Moxey, pictured.

The one positive thing that has been achieved is that the club has consistently shown a profit and is not in debt. I suspect that this is the number one objective and the overriding reason that so much faith is placed in the CEO by the club's owner.

Issues I think the decisions to bring Roger Johnson and Jamie O'Hara to the club were disasters on a cosmic scale. …