Organizing the Classroom with Learning Management Systems

Article excerpt

Digital coursework, student/teacher collaboration, assessment, and customization are only some of the many popular features Learning Management Systems (LMS) have to offer a KI2 classroom. Though on the surface many LMS products seem to have similar assets for students, teachers, and administrators, each of those featured below have something different to benefit an individual district or classroom's needs, whether it's adapting to special needs, communicating with parents, or online security.




With this digital learning environment, teachers can create interactive, online lessons for students, find shared content from other teachers, and make classwide, group, and individual assignments. Teachers can also assign, collect, and store student assignments with Sky. The program alerts users when an assignment is ready for grading and when students ask questions about the assignment or need clarification. With Sky's District Curriculum Publishing, schools and districts can assemble a unified curriculum and pacing guides.


Haiku LMS

This management system, which can also be accessed via a tablet app, has many features, including a resource library to which teachers and administrators can add content. Teachers and students can communicate instantly through Haiku Chat. New dropbox enhancements allow teachers to view many documents at one time in a grid layout. And assessment reports can be created for a single student, a group of students, or the entire class.



Whether teaching involves one-on-one learning or an entire class, Edgenuity's system allows teachers to customize course content and assessment settings. This customization includes settings for test-taking time, grade weights, special-needs students, and English language learners. The educator dashboard allows teachers and administrators to monitor student progress, engagement, and achievement and send student reports to parents.




This software curates educational resources from around the web, and makes searching for them safe and effective. Each of the 330,000 learning resources have been selected by experienced educators, netTrekker can refine search results by academic or reading level, subject, format, or student or teacher recommendations, and filter resources by state or Common Core State Standards, subject areas, and themes.

CONNECTEDU Epsilen Environment

This system enables faculty to create and share syllabi, lesson plans, tests, and documents. Its multimedia resources can include text, websites, video, and over 150 years of New York Times archives. Faculty and students can collaborate through blogs, wikis, forums, and chats, and teachers can connect with one students or entire groups, with announcements, emails, and calendars. Course drop boxes also allow students and faculty to exchange assignments.



School Insight Assessment Platform

Teachers and school administrators can create Common Core and standards-aligned tests and assessments on the LS platform, and deliver them to students online with computers or tablets, on interactive whiteboards, student response devices, on bubble sheets, or on paper. Student achievement and teacher performance can also be monitored with LearningStation's Insight Reports. …