Gender Roles All Mixed Up ... except When It Comes to Sex

Article excerpt

Byline: Daily Mail Reporter

IN this modern age, men and women are increasingly happy to adopt the habits of the other sex.

But it seems there is one area where we are determined to stick to gender stereotypes, even if it means lying.

A study has found that chaps still want to be seen as 'real men', the kind who boast of having had many sexual partners no matter what the truth.

Women, meanwhile, prefer to be seen as having less sexual experience than they actually have, to match what is traditionally expected of them.

The research by Ohio State University found that men and women will fib about sex to meet cultural expectations, but otherwise will freely admit where they fail to adhere to classic stereotypes.

Women, for example, will admit to the traditionally masculine vice of telling each other rude jokes, while men will confess to the more 'feminine' pastime of writing poetry. The study, reported in the journal Sex Roles, involved 293 students aged 18 to 25. They completed a questionnaire which asked how often they engaged in 124 different behaviours.

A previous study had identified these as being typical of either women or men. …