Internet Experts Need to Shut off Access to This Cesspit of Child Pornography; Western Mail

Article excerpt

THE only person to blame for the killing of April Jones is Mark Bridger, whose odious crime has brought heartache to all those who knew and loved the five-year-old.

He is rightly behind bars for the rest of his life because he embraced his desire to kill a young child. He deserves the punishment which the criminal justice has awarded.

It is also clear that Bridger has a diseased mind. Part of the horror his crime triggers is that he acted on instincts no sane person comprehends.

How were his desires twisted in such a way that he became a force of sheer evil? What drove this corruption? All parents will ask how many other Bridgers are out there, scouring the darkest recesses of the internet for the foulest material. This should concern not just mothers and fathers, but mental health professionals, legislators, internet providers and the police.

In recent decades it has been unfashionable to argue for censorship and our society celebrates unfettered individual freedom, but this case reminds us that (a) there is such a thing as obscenity and (b) the consequences are horrific when individuals pursue their fantasies in reality.

A world of cruelty exists in which children are maimed, exploited and terrorised to create images sought by genuinely sick individuals.

Creators and distributors of child pornography should be pursued with a new vigilance. …