University of British Columbia Spotlights Doc Penpen

Article excerpt

The University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada's second-highest ranked university in terms of academic excellence, and regarded by World University Ranking as one of the world's best learning institutions, is currently holding the World Poetry Canada and InternationalPeace Festival Exhibit where artists and artisans from all over the world have gathered to display their handiwork. Doc Penpen's sensational book of poetry, PENTASI B, occupies a prominent place in said exhibit. It was the first public accolade accorded by UBC to a home-grown poet, a singular honor that the Filipinos should be proud about.

Doc Penpen was first awarded the title "Father of Philippine Visual Poetry" by Manny Calpito, CEO of OTUSA.TV, a California-based internet television, then on May 25, 2012, World Poetry Canada and Internationalconferred on him the title "Father of Visual Poetry".

PENTASI B, a stand-alone work of art considering its elegant design and exquisite graphics, is the biggest drawer in the exhibit. UBC Library disclosed that on daily average of 1,000 students view the book. According to Ms. Ariadne Sawyer, one of the exhibit's indefatigableprime movers, a security guard told her that "the displays were the most popular that he had seen". "People keep coming back", he further added. Visitor stats count on site recorded highest ever- 1,373 page loads, 1,096 unique visitors and 672 return visitors for a certain day!

Credit must go to Ariadne Sawyer, herself an internationally published poet and recipient of "International Peace Poetry Award in May 2011 at the World Poetry International Festival". …