Evil of the Mau; LETTERS

Article excerpt

I WAS one of those treated horrifically by the Mau Mau. Our present Government has no idea how they operated.

Run by the Kikuyu tribe, headed by Jomo Kenyatta and his relatives (who still rule Kenya), a Mau Mau recruit had to go through a murderous routine inflicted on white people and their families.

I was a child when we were raided by the Mau Mau and saw my mother try to defend us with her one gun. My father had gone to Nairobi to join the Kenya police.

Having fought in World War II, he came to Kenya with a good company and met my mother who had gone there after the war as a teacher.

They had a farm in Niyeri and my mother had help with running that and the home, all very well paid. When she heard that the Mau Mau were heading for us, she paid off all our staff and told them to go back to their villages as the Mau Mau would annihilate them for working for whites.

So we were alone. …