DOE Strengthens Drive for Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Technologies

Article excerpt

Establishments embracing energy efficient lifestyles and technologies, including those for buildings, could yield cost savings and can help in power investment avoidance, especially for a country confronted with thinning power supply.

This is the recurrent theme being propagated by the Department of Energy (DOE) as it steps up the country's energy efficiency drive through enforcement of "green-inspired design" in buildings.

At the recently concluded Building Green 2013 conference, a latest version of the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) Green Building Rating System (GBRS) was launched by stakeholders.

The energy department explained that the BERDE-GBRS will be enforced "to measure, verify and monitor the environmental performance of buildings that exceeds existing mandatory regulations and standards."

It has been emphasized that "various case studies coming from the commercial, residential and public sectors were presented" including those on pilot projects, as well as strategies and standards to showcase the benefits of embracing energy efficiency ventures.

"Aside from lighting, BERDE considers energy efficiency in all aspects, including air, water and waste in buildings to create a healthy environment for users and improve their quality of life," the energy department has explained. …