[Pounds Sterling]5,000 Bonus to Lure Teachers from England

Article excerpt

Byline: Alan Roden Scottish Political Editor

TEACHERS from England are being offered [pounds sterling]5,000 'golden hellos' to move to Scotland as councils battle crippling staff shortages.

Advertisements have been posted south of the Border urging staff to relocate to schools in Aberdeen.

'Generous' packages are also being offered by Highland and Aberdeenshire education bosses to those willing to move north, while Scottish Borders Council is considering targeting 'disaffected English teachers' to fill posts.

In recent years there has been a sharp cut in the number of training places in Scotland, coupled with a big rise in the number of teachers retiring.

Aberdeen City Council is offering bonuses of up to [pounds sterling]5,000 to tackle an 'extremely challenging' staff situation, with 30-40 posts unfilled. The scheme, which is also open to Scots, will award new teachers [pounds sterling]3,000 at first, followed by a further [pounds sterling]2,000 if they stay three years.

The move comes as teachers in England prepare to strike in October over pay and pensions.

Gayle Gorman, Aberdeen's director of education, culture and sport, said: 'The staffing situation for primary schools and in some subject areas in secondary schools for academic session 2013-14 is extremely challenging, with around 30-40 posts currently unfilled.

'This retentive incentive initiative will offer successful candidates for these teaching posts, who are new to the city, a financial incentive - an additional payment on taking up post, followed by a further payment at the end of an agreed period of service. …