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There are only two subjects in the news this week... no not Katherine Jenkins or Gavin Henson... it's the weather and the royal baby.

How very British is it hearing people crying out for a break - even rain - in this oh so un-British heatwave and little wonder the sales of outdoor furniture and barbecues has gone through the roof. Give it another week, and they'll be safely wedged in the back of the shed for another year!

As for that baby, this must by the royal tease of the year, all of the family OUR VIEW knowing the due date but successfully keeping mum barring some devilish hints from the Queen and Camilla.

Royal babies always give the nation a collective fillip - and this one has increased significance given that it will be third in line to the throne whether it is a boy or a girl.

Worldwide the interest in Kate and William's offspring has been immense and there is something rather twee and traditional in the fact that the announcement of the birth will be made first on a notice board on the Palace gates - before bouncing across the world on twitter!

As Kate rests her hot swollen ankles this weekend, we wish her and William a safe and private birth before the world's attention explodes around them.

MUCH has been written about the fact that a significant proportion of the population cannot afford rental housing.

However, state intervention in the form of rent controls will only exacerbate the housing market.

In economics, supply and demand analysis demonstrates that if rents are lowered below the market rate, property owners have less incentive to maintain their properties and may remove them from the rental market altogether. YOUR VIEW As a result, houses may stand idle, be sold to owner-occupiers or be converted into business units. …