Having a Buddy Good Time; the Heat Is on as Sandra Bullock Talks about Her New Cop Film with Melissa McCarthy

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Byline: Reel talk By JOHN HISCOCK

She earned the nickname America's Sweetheart as she rose to fame with roles as the modern-day version of the girl next door and won the Best Actress Oscar in 2009 for The Blind Side.

Now Sandra Bullock is starring with Melissa McCarthy as a strait-laced FBI agent to McCarthy's freewheeling Boston detective in the comedy The Heat.

Sandra, who is 49 today, talked to The Ticket in New York.

What appealed to you about The Heat?

I'd always wanted to do a female buddy film, the kind that guys get to do. This was a film that had nothing to do with meeting men or shoe shopping. It was about two human beings who are great at what they do, struggling to gain the other's acceptance.

Did you two know each other before you were cast?

No, but we have friends in common. Before I signed on I talked to Melissa and it was like talking to a friend. We're extremely similar in how we enjoy ourselves in life.

There's a scene in the film where you get drunk and sing karaoke. Would you ever do that in real life?

One thing I will never, ever do, no matter how much alcohol I have, is sing. I'll dance like an idiot, but never sing.

In the movie, Melissa's character is so messy and yours is such a neat freak. Is that true to life?

It's totally reversed. You go into Melissa's home and it's so girly and everything is put away and in its place. And you come to my house and it's like 14 boys have been in it and I'm one of them!

Your character is very competitive and she has to deal with rejection. Are you similar to her?

I'm not competitive with other people but I'm competitive with myself. I'm always asking myself if I've done everything to the best of my ability and if I'm satisfied with what I've done. And you have to deal with rejection all the time in this business so you can't take it personally.

It's well known that it's difficult for actresses over the age of 40 to land good roles in Hollywood. Have go g od ro you found that? …