No Excuse for Shooting a Child

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No excuse for shooting a child

I also watched the whole trial, how could you miss it? There are a few things apparently some people have missed, like: Trayvon Martin had a right to defend himself against someone who was following him in a menacing fashion.

There was no Zimmerman DNA on Trayvon, if he was beating Zimmerman so badly there would have been DNA on Trayvon. Zimmerman refused medical treatment at the scene when the paramedics arrived.

This does not sound like a man who was so afraid he had to shoot his gun into the chest of a child, to me. Funny how people can watch the same trail and get such a different opinion of the facts. Zimmerman is a liar. He killed an unarmed child. He did profile an unarmed child, calling him a suspect, Trayvon was walking home, he had done nothing to be called a suspect.

Now Zimmerman may have gotten away with murder this time, but he will strike again, maybe he will hit someone you know, then you will not be so happy about a dead child at the hands of a grown adult, who could have listened to the police and stayed in his car until they arrived, which was only a moment after the gun went off.

Fran Quinn


Real estate, tuition and race bubbles

The real estate bubble was caused by an artificial imbalance of buyers and sellers. Easy lending, dictated by government, led to too many buyers which caused prices to skyrocket. Poof.

The college tuition bubble was caused by an artificial imbalance of students and easy lending to anyone who applies, allowing tuitions to skyrocket. Again, not because of natural market forces but because of easy money and the false belief that everyone must attend college. How many kids graduate with a worthless piece of paper that they cannot even begin to pay for? …