Plexus Keys on Corporate Retirement Plans

Article excerpt

An interview with Michael K. Smith, president of Plexus Financial Services.

Q: Tell us about the company in three sentences.

A: At Plexus Financial Services, our differentiation is the firm's focus: Corporate retirement plan advisory service is all we do. Independent and objective, we are free of any proprietary constraints or conflicts of interest. We advocate for our plan participants while delivering best-in-class solutions for successful retirement planning outcomes.

Q: How did the company start?

A: Throughout our 20+ year history, Plexus has earned a reputation as being innovative, results-driven and dedicated to delivering independent insurance and financial advice coupled with superior service. The Plexus Management Team, now with our many associates, is united by the strengths that differentiate us within our industry. We pride ourselves on product knowledge, reliable service, and the trust we develop with our clients.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we provide independent and objective advice on corporate retirement plan strategies. We collaborate with employers to ensure that those strategic objectives are met, while helping participants pursue their individual goals through their defined contribution, defined benefit and non-qualified plans.

Q: You have been around for more than 20 years, what is a secret to your success?

A: Today, Plexus Financial Services continues to grow within those same traditions that began back in 1990. Being a co-fiduciary with our clients is vitally important, and we facilitate the process of constructing the most suitable plan design for their organization.

We provide guidance in selecting and maintaining the most appropriate provider platforms for their plan, objectively consult on financial reviews of the plan's performance, and provide interactive employee education that encourages individual retirement planning participation and successful retirement plan outcomes.

Q: What are folks in your industry talking about?

A: The never ending challenges that threaten successful retirement planning outcomes. Legislation within domestic and international political landscapes, volatile market and broader economic climates, organizational and human behavior patterns are merely a few samples of the topics discussed every day in the midst of the pursuit of retirement planning success.

Q: Who is your typical customer?

A: The middle market plan sponsor who focuses on the imperatives associated with adherence to fiduciary responsibility. Employers who recognize that their retirement plan strategy can be the crown jewel in a broader total rewards offering, differentiating themselves as an employer of choice when attracting and retaining top talent.

Q: What areas do you serve?

A: The core of our client base resides within a 300 mile radius of each of our two major offices, Deer Park, (headquarters) and Dallas, Texas. …