Feminist Studies: A Guide to Intersectional Theory, Methodology and Writing

Article excerpt

Nina Lykke, FEMINIST STUDIES: A GUIDE TO INTERSECTIONAL THEORY, METHODOLOGY AND WRITING. New York: Routledge. 2010. (Advances in feminist studies and intersectionaility.) 258p. bibl. notes, gloss, index. $125.00. ISBN 978-0415874847.

Scholars writing about feminist or gender studies often locus specifically on one theoretical aspect, leaving gaps in coverage of the whole subject. Nina Lykke distinguishes herself in this reference work by serving not just as an author, but also as a reader's guide "who shows readers around in a diverse landscape of feminist theories, methodologies, ethical reflections and writing practices" and "give[s] explanations, tips and ideas as to how readers may further explore the landscape on their own" (p. 4). Intended as a textbook, and part of Rout ledge's Advances in Feminist Studies and Intersectionality series, this volume provides an in-depth overview of feminist/women/gender studies.

Part I provides a survey of feminist studies, situating it as a "post-disciplinary disciplined meaning, Lykke says, "that the area is seen both as an independent field of knowledge production ... and as a transgressive field" (p. 209). In Part II, Lykke summarizes theories of gender, sex, and feminism, illustrates how the theories intersect, and discusses their limitations. …