Women's History: Sites & Resources

Article excerpt

Heather A. Huyck, ed., WOMEN'S HISTORY: SITES & RESOURCES, 2nd edition. University of Illinois Press For the National Collaborative for Women's History Sites, 2010. 144p. bibl. index. pap., $9.95, ISBN 978-0977009558.

Women's contributions to America's history receive their due recognition with this guide to forty significant history sites and projects, all of which are organizational members of the National Collaborative for Women's History Sites (NCWHS, see www.ncwhs.org). A topical index arranges the entries by regions, fields (African Americans, Archaeology, Archives, etc.), and time periods. Sires are then covered geographically from west to east. Each entry includes a general introduction and information on the sites facilities, programs, collections, address, hours, website, and fees. Photographs, representative artwork, and occasional quotations are also included, and a "Don't Miss" section describes one or more of the site's unique features.

The sites represented here include National Historic Landmarks, National Historic Parks and National Historic Sites. For those sites that are not exclusively devoted to specific women, this guide leads readers to the women behind the men. For example, we discover that the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site was the childhood home of Julia Dent Grant, Grants wife of thirty-seven years. In the entry for the George Washington Birthplace National Monument, we learn that Washington's great-grandmother, Ann Pope, brought the property to the Washington family and that his mother, Mary Ball Washington, lived there as a widow with four children. …