October Is Bullying Prevention Month

Article excerpt

This October, you and your students can join the many around the country who are pledging to help stop and prevent bullying. A large concern for educators and parents around the United States, bullying incidents have resulted in suspensions, expulsions, public humiliation and, in too many extreme cases, student death.

In response to near-epidemic reports of youth bullying cases, the Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights (PACER) Center created the National Bullying Prevention campaign in 2006; it has since grown into a month-long initiative taking place in schools and communities around the country with numerous local and national events.

The rallying cry of the campaign--"the end of bullying begins with me"--asserts that students can be champions against bullying, and encourages them to pledge their commitment to say something if they see something. "No one should have to fear going to school," PACER says, and helpful bystanders are often considered the first line of defense.

Here are some ways your classroom can participate in this important initiative, both this October and all year long, as you announce your commitment to help end youth bullying:



* Make a Pledge--You and your students can go online and add your names to the digital petition. Declare your commitment to help end bullying and show the rest of your school community your promise to create a safe place for students, free from bullying.

* Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying--Enlist your students or your entire school community for this unique opportunity to combine activity with action. …