Professor of Christian Ethics Groped Dozing Woman on a Plane; Married Minister Is Found Guilty despite Denying Sexual Assault

Article excerpt

Byline: Alan Shields

A MINISTER who sexually assaulted a sleeping woman on a plane is a top authority on Christian ethics.

University professor Bernd Wannenwetsch squeezed her breast like a stress ball on the flight.

The married minister insisted throughout his trial that the 26-year-old's closed eyes meant she was enjoying it.

But yesterday, the 53-yearold Aberdeen University worker was ordered to do 150 hours' community work and placed on the sex offenders' register.

Even before sentencing yesterday, Wannenwetsch insisted he had done nothing wrong.

David Moggach, defending, told the city's sheriff court: "Professor Wannenwetsch is maintaining his position. "When his appointment was made to Aberdeen University it was seen as a considerable feather in the cap to attract such a distinguished academic.

"This is a man in his 50s at the height of his career and that has all been taken away from him.

"At the time he did not believe he was offending."

The pervert struck on an Amsterdam to Aberdeen flight last November.

During evidence, German Wannenwestch claimed his victim had consented to the act by giving him visual signs. He said the pair first made accidental contact while admiring the view out of the plane window.

Wannenwetsch, of Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, claimed the woman, who was sitting in the window seat, closed her eyes in response to his touch.

The court heard that his elbow was touching the woman's breast and he put his hand on her thigh. …