Achieving Business Growth by Improving Management and Leadership Programme; 20TWENTY LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME - FREE TWO-HOUR TASTER SESSION

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The 20Twenty Leadership Programme was launched in 2010 by the Cardiff School of Management with support from the European Social Fund. The programme aims to develop the next generation of business leaders in South Wales and is led by Professor Brian Morgan. 20Twenty promotes sustainable business growth by developing the critical leadership and business skills needed to meet the commercial challenges facing businesses as we move out of recession.

The programme recognises that the ability of SMEs to compete and grow is linked to their capacity to get certain things right - like marketing, branding and selling - but it is also related to their ability to provide business leadership. Developing this combination of skills has made 20Twenty Leadership a huge success.

More than 240 companies have benefited from the programme so far, with more than 90% reporting improvements in sales, productivity and profits. The first half of the programme is designed to develop individual leadership styles through a series of practical workshops and individual executive coaching. In the second half of the programme, a series of Master classes are provided on innovation and new thinking on a variety of business themes - including, lean processes, creating a brand, maximising sales and making the business 'investor ready'. …