Is the English Stiff Upper Lip Finally Wobbling as Emotions Take Over?

Article excerpt

Byline: Luke Salkeld

IT USED to be regarded as a national trait that set the English apart from more emotional nationalities.

But the stiff upper lip could be a thing of the past, it was claimed yesterday.

The ability of the English to remain stoical and visibly unmoved under pressure has been replaced by a tendency to show off our emotions in public.

The outpouring of emotion over the death of Princess Diana and watching footballers such as David Beckham and Paul Gascoigne cry on the pitch has given us licence to display our emotions for all to see, a survey suggested.

The survey, commissioned by the think tank British Future, asked 2,360 people which qualities summed up the concept of being English, and which were outdated.

Fifty-one per cent of those questioned think the stiff upper lip is an 'outdated stereotype'. But other familiar characteristics are still part of the English psyche. …