Time to Reduce Unnecessary Energy Consumption for Your Business? ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

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BUSINESS owners seeKing a fresh way to reduce energy consumption while enhancing the quality of service offered to customers could benefit from a range of innovative new services offered by Smarta Technology.

The home automation specialist has today introduced a range of new commercial automation services to help save business owners money through reducing unnecessary energy consumption on their premises.

Developed using leading automation system Control4, Smarta Technology's team of electrical engineers install bespoKe lighting control and heat management systems for public and private sector clients across South Wales and the south-west.

These control systems provide users with remote access to their premises so they can monitor and control lighting and heating consumption. When required, users will have the ability to switch off or dim lights in unoccupied rooms to reduce energy consumption.

MARK Wray, managing director of Smarta Technology, said: "Over the past year we have WORKED with businesses in the retail, leisure and tourism industries who have invested in lighting control systems to save money on unnecessary energy consumption while also creating the perfect ambience on their premises using mood lighting.

"As all of our systems can be controlled using mobile devices, users can access their systems from anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you want to dim your lights, change the video playing in your reception area or simply checK your CCTV security cameras, you can do so with the simple clicK of your smartphone or tablet device.

"The heat management and lighting control systems can be designed to meet a customer's specific requirements and can satisfy any sized business, from a single retail outlet to a large hotel or office building. …