Schools Officials' Use of Handicapped Permit Results in Fine; Placard Belonged to Deceased Relative

Article excerpt

Byline: Andrea Noble, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

A D.C. Public Schools employee who works with disabled students was fined $1,500 Thursday for using a handicapped-parking placard that belonged to her dead grandmother in order to park for free at work.

The D.C. Board of Ethics and Government Accountability approved the fine against Deitra Bryant Mallory, who earns a six-figure salary as director of related services for the D.C. Public Schools, officials said at the board's Thursday meeting.

The fine came after an investigation by the city's Office of the Inspector General, which noted in a report last year that Ms. Bryant Mallory even used the placard to park illegally when she was called to discuss the case with investigators.

Officials said Thursday that four times last year investigators saw Ms. Bryant Mallory use the handicap parking placard, which was issued in South Carolina, while parking her car on 1st Street in Northeast D.C.

When officials initially confronted her about the use of the placard, Ms. Bryant Mallory said it belonged to her grandmother and she used it to transport her grandmother, according to the inspector general report. She later admitted that her grandmother had died in 2008, but that she continued to use the parking placard and even doctored it to make it look as if it was still valid.

The inspector general report, which does not name Ms. Bryant Mallory but matches the details of the case identified by the ethics board, said she admitted using the parking pass in order to park for free when she traveled to work every Monday and Wednesday throughout 2013. …