Now Getting to the Delights of Asturias Is All Plain Sailing

Article excerpt

Byline: Roslyn Dee Award-winning travel writer

With a new ferry route scheduled for 2014 from Rosslare, operating all the way to Gijon in Spain (via Nantes in France) the delights of the Asturias region are about to be discovered by a whole new swathe of Irish visitors. In the north west of the country, right on the Bay of Biscay, this unspoiled 'Costa Verde' district is bordered by Galicia to the west, Cantabria to the east and the fabulous region of Castile and Leon to the south.

The new ferry route - from LD Lines - will now open up this region and, with the advantage of your own car, there is much to see and to explore. The seaport city of Gijon itself is the region's biggest. With a large port and marina, and a mixture of old and new, Gijon also boasts an incred-ible number of beaches in its environs - San Lorenzo being a favourite for locals and visitors alike. (The beaches along this coast - at Cudillero and near the resort of Llanes, for example - are mainly sandy and distinctive because they are overhung, in many instances, by steep cliffs.)

Gijon itself, meanwhile, is also steeped in Civil War history for it was to here - to suppress an uprising by local workers - that the previously unknown Franco was despatched in 1934. …