Bar Associations Release Judicial Recommendations

Article excerpt

Byline: Barbara Vitello Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN-

Two of Illinois' largest bar associations released recommendations on judicial candidates running for the Illinois Appellate Court and the Circuit Court of Cook County in the March 18 primary.

The Illinois State Bar Association, the state's largest with about 30,000 members, and the Chicago Bar Association, with 22,000 members, evaluate candidates' legal knowledge and ability, experience, temperament and integrity, among other qualities. The associations then assign candidates ratings of "highly qualified," "qualified" or "not qualified" or, in the case of the CBA, "not recommended."

Candidates who do not participate in the evaluation process receive a "not qualified" or "not recommended" rating.

For the Appellate Court, first judicial district vacancies incorporating Cook County, both the ISBA and the CBA found John B. Simon highly qualified and Shelly A. Harris and David Ellis qualified. The ISBA found Susan Kennedy Sullivan, Freddrenna M. Lyle and Sharon Oden Johnson not qualified. Regarding appellate court candidates, the CBA deemed Sullivan and Johnson not recommended; however, the CBA found Lyle qualified.

For circuit court candidates running countywide, the ISBA found Patricia O'Brien Sheahan, Linda L. …