A Mother's Day; We Can't Be Working Mums AND Domestic Goddesses!

Article excerpt


DEAR Mums It is with great excitement at the thought of doing nothing that I issue you a dog-eared wine-spillage-soaked invitation to join my national strike on Mother's Day.

I am reaching out to you after a new survey revealed 15% of dads do not do any housework. And, according to a poll, of the 85% who do help, two-thirds only spend up to two hours on the chores every week. Dear God, we've already done that by the time we've gone to work.

I'm not saying we should spoil a lovely day. There's nothing better than receiving a homemade card on a tray of cold toast and a very milky cup of tea on Mothering Sunday.

But we should make the most of it to remind our other halves how much we do.

There's nothing 'better Because by 4pm on Sunday, our special day is forgotten. Someone's got to wash the uniforms, hang them out to dry, make sure homework is done, check there's enough milk for cereal and bread for sandwiches, work out what's for dinner tomorrow, add whatever than a homemade card on a tray of cold toast you've run out of to the shopping list and remember to buy a birthday card at lunch tomorrow. It's not as if housework is the only thing we have to do. …