Sentencing to Be Less of a Lottery in Future

Article excerpt

A VERY significant recent ruling by the Court of Criminal Appeal, which has the potential to have a major impact on victims of crime, probably slipped under your radar.

In fact it's had very little attention to date, but the Court's decision to effectively introduce sentencing guidelines for criminal cases, should be seen as a very welcome development both for victims of crime and the criminal justice system as a whole.

Far too often victims of crime and the wider public can be left feeling perplexed and dejected when what appears to be a lenient sentence is passed down for a very serious crime.

We have all been left scratching our heads on occasion when the perpetrator of a vicious sexual assault or violent attack is given a suspended or concurrent sentence.

UNJUST It can leave victims and their families feeling like they have been completely let down by the criminal justice system in which they have placed their trust. …