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2013 has nearly come to a close and this is the 94th issue to be published of Ceramics: Art and Perception. Thank you all for your continued support in wanting us to publish in print and in digital form. We also appreciate your patience as we correct two errors in issue number 93. In our Table of Contents we wrongly listed the name of the exhibition of Tom Hub-bard's work. It is Semper Fidelis with photos by Tod Martens. Also in the Table of Contents, the article titled "Seven McKnight Artists" was written by Mason Riddle, not Keith Williams. Our apologies for these errors. We always appreciate the feedback.

This issue includes 28 articles from 12 countries including Tony Martin's interview with Owen Rye, the next in his series. We include an article on the first Cluj International Ceramics Biennale in Romania and on the last exhibition of ceramics graduates from Harrow. Beginnings and endings are ongoing. We lost several internationally known ceramics artists in recent weeks: Val Cushing, Angela Fina and Kirk Mangus of the US and Gwyn 1-lanssen Pigott and Marea Gazzard of Australia will all be fondly remembered and sorely missed. Watch for remembrances in future issues.

News from the international ceramics field includes the following: The deadline for submissions to the 20th San Angelo National Ceramics Competition is 22 January 2014 (www.sarnfa.org); the winner of The Prize of la Federation Wallonia Brussels at the European Triennal for Ceramics and Glass was porcelain artist Irene Nordly of Norway; the call to application for the ceramic trail of the 30th edition of the European Festival of the Ceramic Arts from 11 until 14 July 2014 is now on-line (http://www. …