Oregon Opens Interstate Gates; Alaska Pacific May Enter Quickly

Article excerpt

SALEM, Ore. -- Under state legislation signed this week, starting July 1, 1986, banks in the western United States will be abe to acquire Oregon banks that are at least three years old.

The interstate measure also contains an emergency clause that may lead to a quick takeover of the troubled Bank of Oregon, Woodburn, by the Alaska Pacific Bancorp. of Anchorage. Bank of Oregon has about $20 million of non-performing farm loans and has said it would receive assistance from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to facilitate a merger with Alaska Pacific.

The measure was bitterly opposed by U.S. Bancorp. in Portland. U.S. Bancorp., the state's largest bank, last week pulled out of the Oregon Bankers Association because of differences with the trade group over the legislation. U.S. Bancorp. wanted a reciprocity clause, which would have allowed only banks in states with similar legislation to acquire Oregon banks. The bankers association argued successful that the clause would be unworkable and would reduce the number of suitors for small Oregon banks that want to be acquired.

The legislation prohibits establishment of limited-service banks in Oregon until July 1986. …