How to Get Your Interest in Computers out of Your System; Careers in System Analysis Sue Kelbrick on a Career Suited to Those Who Have a Deep Understanding of Computers

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What does a career as a systems analyst involve? As a systems analyst you would be employed by a company to examine their IT systems and processes, and recommend improvements. Your work could range from integrating the telephone and computer networks in a call centre, to re-structuring a bank's customer account databases to make them more secure.

Your work would involve identifying the client organisation's needs, drawing up plans for a modified or replacement IT system, carrying out feasibility studies of proposals and making recommendations, working closely with programmers and software developers to build the system and overseeing installation and testing correcting problems before the final version is released.

What skills are needed? To be systems analyst you should have a broad knowledge of hardware, software and programming, a creative approach to problem-solving, the ability to gather and interpret information, excellent communication and presentation skills and the ability to explain technical ideas clearly.

What training do you need? To work as a systems analyst you normally need a BTEC HNC/HND or degree, backed up with industry experience. Relevant subjects include computer science/ studies, information management systems, business information systems or maths and operational research. …