What You Learn On: The 'Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting Techniques - with Excel' CIMA Mastercourse

Article excerpt

The course speaker, Pratish Sharma, is an IT tutor and systems consultant at BPP Professional Education.

A highly experienced presenter and designer of courses, including an IT programme for the hospitality industry, he has also managed projects to combat the millennium bug and served as a one-to-one coach and mentor.

This intermediate-level one-day course is aimed at accountants, business analysts, budget-holders, people running their own businesses and spreadsheet authors who want to know what end-users are doing on Excel. It should also be of value to people from any functional area who need to improve their skills in developing departmental forecasts, plans and budgets using the ubiquitous Microsoft application. In fact, the programme is appropriate for anyone wishing to gain more practical experience in Excel reporting and using statistical data.


We start the day by opening a model file in Excel and performing exercises such as forecasting activity for a simple business process. I will explain the mathematical equation Y = MX + B, creating a linear regression on a chart to give a visual impression using historical data. I'll also show how to examine a year's worth of data on a couple of business processes to comprehend the activity of the next three months.

The course provides the following three solutions to forecasting techniques:

* The Y = MX + B equation.

* The Forecast function.

* The Trend (array) function.

Next I will cover correlation and regression analysis - an example of which would be the relationship between historical data and any factors that influence an increase in sales. …