DON JOHNSON; the Miami Vice Star Likes His Flash Boys and Guys and Dolls, Pop Art and Polanski; WHAT TURNS ME ON

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I'll never forget seeing Colleen Dewhurst in The Moon For The Misbegotten on Broadway in 1973. Colleen won a Tony Award for it and it was well deserved. Not long ago I saw Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie on Broadway and really liked it. Cherry Jones and Zachary Quinto were dazzling and the production was fresh and well directed. You can't beat a good musical - I loved being in Guys And Dolls in the West End in 2007. I took my 14-year-old daughter to see Matilda [played by Adrianna Bertola, pictured] and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.


The 1974 Roman Polanski movie Chinatown is my all-time favourite movie. The cinematography is brilliant and captures that Thirties Los Angeles feel. The music is haunting and the performances are flawless. I actually went on set with Jack Nicholson [right]. I met him early on in my career and he was lovely enough to let me visit. I'm still in touch with Jack; every now and then I go to his place in LA and we hang out.


I grew up in America's mid-South in a very musical environment; there was a lot of blues and gospel singing. Sam Cooke's music was always playing at home. Jazz star Miles Davis [inset] is my favourite artist of all time. I first met him when he starred in the 1985 Miami Vice episode Junk Love. He played a pimp and was fantastic.

In 1972 I saw the Rolling Stones perform and I was blown away. They are raw and in your face. Rock 'n' roll baby! Mick Jagger is a human dynamo and the combination of Mick and Keith is extraordinary. One is the front man and the other is the heart and soul of the group.


The person who shaped the whole way I looked at art was Andy Warhol, and I knew him well. I met Andy on the set of my first photographer Alison Jackson, who does fake set-ups. …