United States of Acronyms

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Inspired by Anil's mnemonics, I decided to see what I could do in making acronyms for the state names. There already is a humorous acronym for IOWA: "Idiots out walking about." I looked it up on the web in an acronym dictionary. There are also serious acronyms listed, such as that for IDAHO: "Idaho Development And Housing Organization." My acronyms take the humorous path, since they're modeled after the Iowa acronym, which has has "idiots" doing the action. I wrote 24 new acronyms, each of which has a different derogatory word in the plural for the characters doing the action--buffoons, lunks, goofballs, etc.--and uses the present participle (-ing) of a verb. The challenge for you is to write acronyms for the remaining states. Each should have a different derogatory name in it. You can use proper names and/or other state names. Don't worry if it doesn't make sense. Most of mine don't.

Alabama = Avid, livid, animated buffoons attacking modern art

Alaska = Abominable lunks always stupidly kicking animals

Arkansas = Asses robbing kings as Nebraska's sanctimonious androids sleep

Colorado = Creeps on luxurious Oregon roads achieving dapper opulence

Delaware = Dolts eagerly lifting a wall after returning eggs

Florida = Fools laughing on roads in dusty areas

Georgia = Goofballs eagerly operating radios greased in Arkansas. …