Bank Offers Money to Man Wounded in Robbery Attempt

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Bank Offers Money to Man Wounded in Robbery Attempt

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Officials of a Minneapolis bank said that they are not responsible for injuries to a customer shot while lunging at a gunman, but they volunteered to pay about $15,000 in medical expenses anyway.

Attorney Scott Hillstrom, representing customer Mark Kevin Richardson, said his client deserves more compensation. Mr. Richardson said he is wondering if he should have gotten involved.

"If I hadn't got shot, I'd just be living my life," said Mr. Richardson, who lunged at a masked gunman on April 11 at the First National Bank of the Lakes. In the struggle, the gun discharged, and a .45-caliber slug passed through the top of Mr. Richardson's knee and out the back of his calf. He is now on crutches and uncertain when he can return to work.

The gunman escaped and has not been apprehended.

Mr. Hillstrom said Mr. Richardson is entitled to compensation for lost wages, future medical expenses, and "pain and suffering." Although he has not filed claims with the bank, he told the Minneapolis Star and Tribune that he intends to.

The bank maintains that Mr. Richardson acted unwisely and that it is not legally responsible for his predicament. Nevertheless, bank officials have offered to pay his medical expenses, which could reach $15,000.

Bank vice president David Delaney said the bank's insurance company is paying Mr. …