Newsbreaks: LEXIS-NEXIS Partners with Aurigin Systems for Intellectual Property Service

Article excerpt

As part of their strategic move toward supplying clients with more complete information solutions, LEXIS-NEXIS has announced a strategic alliance with Aurigin Systems, Inc. (formerly Smart Patents, Inc.), a provider of business automation systems for intellectual asset management. Aurigin's Intellectual Property Asset Management (IPAM) system will soon access information feeds from LEXIS-NEXIS. LEXIS-NEXIS staff will also help support the marketing of IPAM.

The Aurigin IPAM system provides tools and multidimensional databases for organizing and analyzing the intellectual assets owned by companies to help track licensing opportunities, challenges to product names, technological and competitive developments, etc. It is an intranet-based enterprise application, consisting of client-server software and patent data products in a special interactive format. Dan Lewin, president of Aurigin Systems, stated, "The virtual extension of the Aurigin IPAM repository to include access to the LEXIS-NEXIS databases provides a revolutionary way for corporations to aggregate and analyze relevant intellectual assets to create profitable business strategies."

The LEXIS-NEXIS Intellectual Property Solutions Group will also contribute marketing and sales support for the IPAM system within the patent, trademark, and copyright information markets, particularly to the corporate legal market. …