Education: News Briefs

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Educational Funding

Canadian foreign affairs minister Lloyd Axworthy announced today that Canada will contribute C$200,000 (US $130,000) to the funding of the Alliance for Higher Education and Enterprise in North America. This business/education initiative will bring together leading North American thinkers from both the private and public sectors for the first time.

Minister Axworthy made the announcement in Santa Fe, New Mexico, during his visit to the 10th annual conference of the North American Institute (NAMI).

"The Alliance is a unique way to enhance understanding between Canadians, Mexicans and Americans, contributing to greater prosperity in the three countries," said Mr. Axworthy. "It will increase the quantity and quality of strategic alliances between business and higher education -- an important element in building solid, lasting relationships."

Student Exchange

Canada's universities and colleges have mounted a concerted campaign to attract more American students. Individually pooling their efforts in consortia, Canadian schools are sending recruiters to American college fairs and high schools and organizing campus tours for guidance counselors and educational consultants. Some have even cut tuition costs for Americans.

Canada has a considerable deficit in its student exchange with the United States. According to the Institute of International Education, 22,984 Canadians were studying at U.S. institutions of higher learning in 1996-1997, while Citizenship and Immigration Canada recorded 2,647 American students in Canada in 1997.

Scholarship Program

Several U.S. companies joined the Korean Student Assistance Awards Program (KSAAP) to offer scholarships for Korean students in the United States affected by the current economic hardship. The U.S. Association of International Educators (NAFSA) will select approximately 140 qualified students to receive scholarships of up to $5,000. The American institutions receiving this money will also provide matching funds to double the students' assistance.

Education Project

World Bank vice-president Shahid Javed Burki traveled to Brazil last month where he launched a new program aimed at improving schools in Brazil's poorest regions. …