The World Wide Web for Kids and Parents

Article excerpt

Viraf Mohta

These two titles are part of a series of books from "The dummies guide to family computing". The books are marketed as a "survival guide" for anyone needing to use computers, different software and the vast Internet. Advice is presented in an attractive and clear format, incorporating humor with great headings and subheadings. The approach in these titles is lighthearted but very informative. Both titles feature an Appendix, an Index, a bonus CD, as well as the standard punch-out "Cheat Sheet", in the beginning, so typical and well received in the "Dummies" series.

The authors of Great software for kids and parents bring credibility and experience to their evaluation techniques and selection of software because it is part of their profession. The focus of this title is on stand alone software for kids aged 2-12. Clever cartoon type-icons, such as "classroom link", "family fun" and "parent tip", catch the readers' attention and lead to specific information clearly explained. Boxed intro's preceeding each section add to the user-friendly aspect of this resource. Sections follow logically and build from simple introductory concepts to more sophisticated and advanced use of software for kids, including some creative use of software for homework and higher level problem solving. …