Will Slobodan Milosevic Much Care That He Was Indicted for War Crimes?

Article excerpt

"We've already bombed his house. We've already bombed his wife's business. If that didn't wound him or change his thinking, I don't think an indictment will." Jon W. Western, a former war-crimes analyst at the State Department, wondering whether Slobodan Milosevic will much care that he was indicted for war crimes

"This is what I call the Teddy Roosevelt force. It is a force that we are designing to speak softly and carry a big stick." NATO spokesman Jamie P. Shea, on the plans for a heavily armed peacekeeping force of 50,000 soldiers to enter Kosovo if Serbian troops withdraw

"I can assure the American people that their nuclear secrets are now safe at the labs." Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson, who says his department has been insufficiently credited for tightening the security lapses that allegedly enabled China to engage in widespread espionage at U.S. weapons labs

"The glue is very deep." Ezra Vogel, head of Harvard University's Asia Center and a former national-security official, commenting on the multitude of business and personal ties that bind China and the United States

"I became a bride, a mother and a widow in front of your eyes." Indian opposition leader Sonia Gandhi, addressing her supporters upon her return as president of the Congress party

"It sounds like the worst of our fantasies about cloning, combining the inexperience of youth with the biology of the aged. …