Meet Rupert Everywhere: Two Years after 'My Best Friend's Wedding,' Everett's Gotten to Know Oscar Wilde, Disney and Madonna

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He was a surprise guest in "My Best Friend's Wedding." Now he won't go away. This summer, Rupert Everett is an acerbic gentleman in "An Ideal Husband" and the wicked Dr. Claw in this month's "Inspector Gadget." Everett is currently filming "The Next Best Thing." It's the story of a gay man (Everett, who's gay) and his best friend (Madonna, who's his new best friend). It's not quite art imitating life, though--the pair have drunken sex and produce a child. Everett mulled it all over with NEWSWEEK's Mark Miller in Los Angeles.

NW: Is this the career that you imagined?

I never imagined living past 30.


I don't know. You know you always set yourself dates when you are a kid.

When did you set that date?

When I saw my first James Dean film. [Laughs] When I was a kid, as opposed to now, I kind of looked up at the tragic rather than looking down on it. Everyone wanted to suffer, wanted to live like Montgomery Clift or Patti Smith.

Was it difficult to reconcile your Catholic upbringing with being gay?

No, not really. The thing that was probably more weird for me was going away to school so early. I was 7. The moment you have to leave your family is very heartbreaking. …