India, Japan Top Health Bill

Article excerpt

Opportunities emerging in India and Japan for health products and services are compensating for downturns in other Asia-Pacific markets, according to Australian Business Health.

Mr Robert Krakowiak, the export marketing and consulting manager for Australian Business Health, said health services activity had decreased across the region.

"Certainly there has been a severe slowdown in the traditional Asian markets of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand," he said.

"We just have to revise our strategies to those markets and perhaps look at other markets like India and Japan."

Although construction of new hospitals had almost stopped across Asia, Mr Krakowiak said service opportunities still existed, particularly in training and education.

India has been identified as a lucrative market for Australian companies because of its relatively strong economic growth in the face of regional downturn.

"(India's) a market that has been largely ignored by Australian health and it certainly has got an abundance of opportunities," Mr Krakowiak said.

Australian Business Health led a group of 20 Australian companies to India last December, holding expositions and seminars in Chennai and New Delhi. …