Asia Week Gains Backing of Carr

Article excerpt

New South Wales Premier Mr Bob Cart has thrown his support behind Sydney Asia Week, a new Business Asia initiative designed to promote Australia-Asia ties.

Mr Carr, who will be the keynote speaker at Asia Week's debut on September 16 at a dinner at the Powerhouse Museum, said New South Wales was more orientated towards Asia than ever before.

He said initiatives such as Asia Week were an important way of building relationships throughout the region.

"Increasing our involvement with our Asian neighbours gives us a greater sense of our place in the world," Mr Carr said.

"Over the next four years, my government will continue to seek out and create opportunities to engage with Asia.

"Eight of our top 10 export destinations for NSW are Asia-Pacific countries and we will continue our efforts to ensure NSW offers an internationally competitive operating environment for companies in the Asia-Pacific region."

Sydney Asia Week will support Carnivale's Asia Festival at Darling Harbour in Sydney on September 18 and 19.

As part of the celebrations, Business Asia will host a special conference on September 16 aimed at giving business executives an opportunity to network and foster a sense of community between Australia and Asia.

The talks will feature high-profile speakers from the Asian business community.

Topics will include multiculturalism in the media, Asia in the year 2010, Asian influences on Australian fashion, and crossing cultural boundaries. …