Security Dynamics Speeds Up Authentication Device Distribution

Article excerpt

Taking cues from the credit card industry, Security Dynamics Technologies Inc. said it has come up with a way to significantly accelerate the distribution of its SecurID authentication devices within large enterprises.

The Bedford, Mass., company last week announced SecurID Express, a service designed to combine card industry techniques for mass issuance with the sophisticated controls that network security administrators insist upon.

Bill McQuaide, director of product marketing, called it "one of our most significant ease-of-use announcements." Senior product manager Rebecca Buisan said, "We basically just mirrored the credit card process and are rolling it out," with full availability scheduled for mid-September.

Using such techniques as serial-number tracking and sending temporary personal identification numbers ahead of the physical security token, Security Dynamics can typically reduce to 14 days the time needed to put tokens into operation, down from months in some cases. Ms. Buisan pointed out that token issuance for large companies is complicated by the fact that they are served by multiple contractors.

Scott Schnell, vice president of marketing for Security Dynamics and its data encryption subsidiary, RSA Data Security Inc., said, "By working closely with our customers, which include nearly three-quarters of the Fortune 500 companies, we have developed a service that lets administrators expedite SecurID deployment, quickly secure their systems, and save money by off-loading this process to a team equipped with the systems and expertise to handle it in the most efficient manner."

Security Dynamics made two other announcements last week, indicating that it is picking up its own pace to serve a rapidly growing information security market. Also to hit the market in coming weeks are SecurID Software Token 2.0, an upgrade of the software alternative to the hardware SecurID devices, and ACE/Server 4.0, the latest version of the security management system.

The company said Polaris Securities of Taiwan has placed the largest SecurID order from outside the United States, $3.5 million over multiple years for 50,000 key-fob tokens and ACE/Server software to secure on-line brokerage transactions.

Security Dynamics has long claimed leadership in two-factor authentication, supplying card-size generators of random numbers that combine with personal identification numbers to create unique identifiers for any given transaction. …