The Georgetown Academy Is Not a `Foe' of Gay Rights

Article excerpt

Thank you for the recent news coverage you have given ("Gays' critics accused of `hate speech,' " Oct. 27) and the recent column you printed ("Georgetown not `safe' for gay-rights foes," Oct. 29) regarding the plight of the Georgetown Academy, which saw its October issue destroyed for criticizing the "safe zone" program and other aspects of the administration of Georgetown University President Leo J. O'Donovan.

It is important that your readers, many of whom are alumni of America's colleges and universities or have children in those bulwark institutions, be informed as to what happens on today's campuses. Georgetown is but a microcosm example. Alumni and parents must participate intelligently and without co-optation in the future of their respective alma maters, because our nation's citizens and leaders come from these academic hilltops. As the environmentalists say every spring, "When the snow melts, we all live downstream."

I write, however, to correct two important aspects of your coverage. Your news article suggested that we at the Georgetown Academy opposed "safe zones" because they encourage "tolerance for homosexuals." Likewise, the headline of Tom Knott's column suggested that we are "foes" of gay rights. As your readers can see for themselves at, this portrayal of the Georgetown Academy's views is not accurate.

We produce a publication that uniquely offers an authentic Catholic voice at Georgetown, and our views on the civil rights of homosexuals are entirely in line with the Catholic catechism, which states that "every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. …