The History of Cyprus Is by No Means Settled

Article excerpt

Miss Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis, Cyprus' ambassador to Washington, clearly demonstrates in the Sept. 15 Embassy Row column why there has not been a solution to the Cyprus dispute ("`Step-up' Cyprus effort"). As long as the Greek Cypriots continue to arrogate themselves "the right" to represent the entire island, to speak for the Turkish Cypriot people and even deny the existence of the state, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, in which Turkish Cypriots live, it is difficult to see how the United Nations Secretary General's and U.S. Administration's efforts can lead to a just and viable solution.

The claim of the Greek Cypriot administration, to be the legitimate government of "the Republic of Cyprus" and Miss Kozakou-Marcoullis' claim to represent it in Washington, are in total violation of the 1960 Constitution and Agreements which give birth to the bicommunal partnership Republic of Cyprus. The constitutional legitimacy of this bicommunal Republic was destroyed in 1963 when the Greek Cypriots seized, by force, the organs of State and created a wholly Greek Cypriot administration, thus usurping the title which belonged to both peoples.

As for Miss Kozakou-Marcoullis' allegations, it is imperative to understand that while Cyprus is indeed divided, this is not because of an intervention by Turkey, as she would have your readers believe. It is, in fact, the product of long years of agitation and aggression perpetuated by Greek Cypriots and backed by Greece in order to achieve a union. Turkey intervened in Cyprus in 1974 in accordance with the treaty obligations and rights following a bloody coup by Greek and Greek Cypriot forces who were intent by annexation of Cyprus by Greece. …