Registry for Sex Offenders Defeated

Article excerpt

The D.C. council yesterday killed a bill that would have established a registry of sexual offenders because of concerns that the registry was too expansive, but the issue might be returned to its agenda in a week.

". . . this is stupid," said council member Harold Brazil, at-large Democrat and sponsor of the bill, after it failed.

"It doesn't make sense to me," he said after the meeting. "We are opening the doors to undesirables."

Mr. Brazil said the law is needed because of problems with the existing law, which established an evaluation committee to categorize and place sex offenders on the public registry.

But, as The Washington Times reported June 29, the D.C. Sex Offender Registry Advisory Council was inactive and had never placed a sex offender on the registry. Because of the advisory council's failure, residents cannot find out whether their neighbor or baby sitter is a dangerous sexual predator or pedophile.

Jack Evans, Ward 2 Democrat, said he voted against the bill because there were technical problems with it. He said the registry would have been in conflict with other D. …