Medical Web Site's Usefulness Diagnosed

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Long respected for publishing medical information for consumer use, Adam Software has brought its name to the Internet with a dynamic new Web site. Offering expertise and volumes of content - including their medical encyclopedia CD-ROM - the publishers are giving away this information via the World Wide Web.

This incredible resource provides quick, reliable answers to a wide range of health care concerns.



CREATOR: evolved from Adam Software, a provider of medical-content software to consumers and the health care industry. It is located in San Francisco and Atlanta. The Web site design and updating are all done in-house.

CREATOR QUOTABLE: "At our mission is to provide consumers with the highest quality health and wellness information and to deliver it in new, innovative ways that take advantage of all the media richness the Web has to offer," says Brian Co, president of

"We have been pioneering this field with proprietary on-line health content, and now we're leveraging our expertise, partnerships and content with an elegant, easy-to-use design and cutting-edge technologies to give consumers the best on-line health care destination Web site possible."

WORD FROM THE WEBWISE: The site contains extensive medical information for men, women and children within multimedia and content-rich pages. Information includes articles from a variety of professional health care partners, including QuadraMed (a health care software company) and the University of California at San Francisco's School of Nursing as well as original content created by

Pages have been divided into a hierarchical format that lets users explore eight topics - Children's Health; Men's Health; Women's Health; Diseases and Conditions; Mental Health; Diet and Nutrition; Sex and Relationships; and First Aid and Safety.

The content within each of these sections comes from the site's large encyclopedia, containing more than 4,000 subjects within 30 medical specialties, supplying information on disease, symptoms, injuries, surgeries, tests, nutrition and disease prevention. Helping the viewer better understand the information provided, the on-line reference source contains more than 1,400 color photographs and illustrations.

The encyclopedia also can help answer questions on topics ranging from disease prevention to specific symptoms of illnesses.

Along with complete definitions, treatment options, expectation of progress of the disease and complications of certain diseases, Adam. …