European Union Responds to Name-Calling by Columnist

Article excerpt

The European Union is neither a "make-believe country" nor any other "artificial ethnic creation." We are a union of democracies that have lawfully and unanimously decided that our citizens want to share a common future devoid of wars. Hence, what lies at the very roots of the European Union is not to be reduced simplistically to a "free-trade zone." If only for these reasons, Paul Craig Roberts' latest column comparing the European Union's future to the present turmoil in Yugoslavia is outrageous and absurd ("Yugoslavia is Europe's future," Commentary, April 6).

Being a citizen of the European Union does not mean erasing one's culture and language: On the contrary, "e pluribus unum" lies also at the heart of our union in Europe. Mutual respect for our diverse cultures and languages is a richness, not a seed of wars. The United States has accomplished a workable melting pot of peoples, but not without a bloody civil war and much racial and some religious turmoil. One reason for the American success is that - like the European Union - America was formed on a voluntary basis and on the will freely expressed of its people. Anybody really aware of the origins of Yugoslavia knows that this option has not prevailed there for many decades. …